241: God Habits – Generosity

I met a friend in a crowded London rail station the other week. We had arranged that he would call when he arrived. He told me where he was standing; as I looked in that direction I saw him immediately. He stood out – head and shoulders above the crowd milling around him. Tall people are noticeable; they stand out. Christians should be those who stand out from the crowd. Their habits and life style mark them as different.  Generosity is one of those distinguishing factors.
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240: God Habits – Truthfulness

A smash. A shout. A squeal. A harried parent rushes into the front room where two kids stand guiltily next to a broken vase. ‘What happened?’ says mum. Silence. She tries again. ‘What – happened?!’ Still silence.  She tries one last time. ‘Come on – I won’t be angry. I just want to know the truth.’
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239: Prophetic Covenant – Jeremiah

I’ve signed a lot of contracts during my life, they’ve involved jobs, property, insurance, travel and a host of other life issues. I’ve made far fewer covenants. The very word covenant has an ancient ring, as if belonging to another world. Actually, I think it does.. Contract world enforces rights; covenant world gives us grace. Contract world defines limits; covenant world crosses them. When Jesus offered us bread and wine as an expression of his life, he said: “eat and drink, it’s a new covenant, a new beginning…”
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238: Prophetic Comfort – Jeremiah

The people of Israel are in distress. Taken from their homes and now in exile in Babylon, they sing songs of desolation and long for the time when they will return to the land God promised them. Their prophets say this will be soon. Jeremiah brings them a message from God, but is it the one they are looking for and how does it bring them comfort in the midst of their suffering?
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236: Prophetic Call – Jeremiah

“So what does it mean to be a ‘prophetic people’?” There was both eagerness and frustration in the questioner’s voice. The answer given has lived with me ever since. “A prophetic people are shaped by God’s future, not moulded by their past.”

The same idea is hidden in a simple and even more intriguing question posed to the young Jeremiah: What do you see? Jeremiah 1: 12

It’s a searching question. How far ahead am I looking? What, when I do, am I seeing? How does our view of the future impact our daily life?
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235: Having Confidence – Confidence in Ministry

When God called us, he gave us gifts.  He invested in us a ministry, an opening to serve him, to help bring in his kingdom. Ministry is not just for the select few – God’s ‘special’ workers.  No!  We are all ministers of his New Covenant (2 Corinthians 3:6). Because of this, we have confidence that God will realize a fulfilment of that ministry.
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